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Many Canadians purchase overpriced and inadequate products to cover their final expense. This redundant step is not needed. If you have set aside money for your final expense make sure you have left proper instructions for whoever would look after your affairs. Download the free document from the below link:
My Final wishes and Instructions
 Prepaid Funeral Expenses
There are 2 ways by which people can prepay their Funeral Expense
Go to the funeral home and make the actual arrangements, you pay it in full or put it on a payment schedule. However there is a small risk of the money being mishandled, and not being there when you need it.
Buy one of the permanent life insurance policies that is good until death or a final expense policy.
Important points to understand in a Final Expense policy
The policies are mostly “ Non-Medical” or “Limited Medical “. They are more expensive than regular insurance policies
Most of them have a waiting period  for 2 years before you are fully covered. Insurance company will refund your premiums with some interest incase of death within 2 years.
Please make sure you understand what you are buying.
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Who Protects Canadian Policyholders in the event of Life Insurance Company failures