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  "Health Reassured"
Critical Illness Insurance is designed to manage the risk associated with contracting certai n dreaded diseases.
CI insurance pays a lump-sum cash benefit to the insured if the insured is diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses covered in the policy and the insured is still alive 30 days after the diagnosis.
Most of the C. I policies will cover :
Heart Attack Parkinson's Disease
Loss of Limbs Cancer
Major organ transplant Paralysis
Stroke Loss of speech
Blindness Kidney Failure
Coma Heart bypass surgery
Multiple Sclerosis Motor Neuron Disease (ALS)
Deafness Alzheimer's Disease
Severe burns Occupational HIV
CI insurance has some great benefits :
It is a living  benefit, you receive the money when you are alive
Flexibility of using the funds
No approval for any expenditures or no receipts are to be provided
Get treatment done anywhere in the world
Retain the balance money for personal use
Return of premium Rider to this policy will refund premiums if claim is not made within a specified period of time.
In case of death when the policy is still in force, your beneficiary will receive a 100% refund of your premiums paid in this policy.
Tax Status of this policy
Child Tax Benefit
Universal Child Care
Social Insurance
Government Grants
Child Care Expense
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