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What is a disability ?
A disability is the result of an accident or sickness that prevents a person from going to work. The condition must require medical attention
D.I. provides a monthly income in the event of disability due to illness or injury. The coverage amount will be determined on your occupation, smoking status, sex and your age. It is a must for Self-Employed individuals and Business owners who are not covered under WSIB or any other group benefit plans.
Important Factors to consider before buying Disability Insurance:
Understanding clearly the definition of disability. There are various definitions to disability. Make sure you understand it clearly before you start paying the premiums.
Choosing a right waiting period- Can save you $$$ on your premiums and provide coverage for the appropriate time.
Choosing  the length of benefit period –Premiums will greatly depend on what period you choose.
Reoccurrence of Disabilities Certain policies cover you in case of recurrence of disabilities. It is a great advantage if your occupation involves risk for disability.
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