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  "We Buy life insurance
             To leave money to our loved ones"
Basically we buy life insurance to leave money to our loved ones in case of premature death. The life insurance policy pays out a tax-free benefit to the beneficiary in the event of death that will protect them from financial stress. Types of Life Insurance
Term Life
Low in cost
Is temporary coverage
Premiums increase on renewals
Ends between age 75 & 85
Permanent Life Insurance: provides coverage for your whole life
Combines Life Insurance and Savings
Provides life-long protection
Premiums remain level
Builds up cash value
Universal Life Insurance :
Cost is guaranteed for life
Can be paid up early
Tax Deferred growth of your savings
Can build great Cash Values
Important questions to be answered before you buy Life Insurance
How much coverage do you need?
What kind of insurance should you have?
How much will it cost?
Tax Status of this policy
Child Tax Benefit
Universal Child Care
Social Insurance
Government Grants
Child Care Expense
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Who Protects Canadian Policyholders in the event of Life Insurance Company failures